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A MUST READ BOOK that can literally change your way of thinking and will introduce you to a Coaching culture is The Inner Game of Tennis. By reading the title you’d think it’s about tennis, but it only touches it. It talks more about the inner game of “everything”. First, it breaks down the Self into Self 1, which is basically your thinking brain always analyzing and judging in the effort to “protect”, and Self 2, which is your “feeling and doing” brain. The book gives ample evidence that Self 2 can master almost everything in a short amount of time, while being “in the flow”, if only Self 1 doesn’t interfere. Thus, the inner game mostly deals with quieting your thinking brain; there are several strategies, the simplest one simply being “focusing your attention on something, so your thinking brain is occupied and can’t interfere”.
Gallway also gives an interesting perspective on winning, derived from surfers. Surfers want to ride the biggest wave not to beat it, but to prove to themselves they’ve done their absolute best. Same should be true of any game, and instead of hoping your opponent will make a mistake, you should be hoping they won’t, so you’ll be faced with the greatest challenge that will allow you to grow the most. Luca Pulito

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