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Inspiring and energizing people to be the most brilliant version of themselves!

What if we learn to manage our emotions? What if we could live every day in harmony with the environment around us? What if we could become responsible for our mood? What if our serenity depended only on us and we were immune to external interference?

Then everything would become possible!

Trying is your right, helping you is my mission.

Executive coaching

Develop or strengthen your vision.
Focus on strategic choices to make.
Understanding how to create an environment conducive to achieving your goals.
Learn to catalyze a culture of trust and collaboration in your organization.

Career coaching

To be able to be the architects of their own study or professional destiny. Learn how to build a fulfilling future aligned with your values and motivations Learn to manage moments of crisis, change or promotions by focusing on opportunities.

Leadership & corporate coaching

Develop individual resource leadership.
Increase the resilience and adaptability of individuals.
Spreading a culture of collaboration and mutual aid.
Develop individual and team potential to ensure that each person can give the best of themselves.

Family and life coaching

Learn to live an authentic personal or family life in search of serenity.
Regain energy and motivation by learning to overcome moments of difficulty.
Improve your personal and / or professional relationships to be at the center of your life instead of on the edge.
Learn to better manage family mechanics and relationships for a more fulfilling and serene family life

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About me

A brief presentation of myself

Una breve presentazione di me stesso

I am a dynamic individual who is always evolving. I strongly believe that our performance, serenity, and happiness depend largely on our personal choices. This belief is reinforced by my own experiences and those of the people I work with as a coach.
What do I love about my job? To stimulate that magical moment in which someone decides to be happy, authentic, immune to external interference. The moment that opens the way to continuous growth. Attending the change of those who can understand the potential of their resources and learn how to use them to the fullest.
I have a university education in economics and a master's degree in statistics applied to economics. Throughout the course of my career, spanning over twenty years, I have held a variety of roles including consultancy, team leadership, management, and executive positions in multinational companies across various sectors.
In addition to my extensive professional experience, I hold a Master's degree in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and am a certified coach with the International Coach Federation. I have undergone a rigorous three-year training program to develop my coaching skills and abilities. Together, my practical experience and theoretical knowledge enable me to provide comprehensive and effective coaching services to individuals and organizations seeking to achieve their goals and unlock their full potential.
I deal with coaching, training and personal growth. One of my passions is conscious finance. I am a trainer in financial intelligence with the aim of spreading awareness and the right approach, both technical and mental, to the management of one's assets.
I am certified Project manager, Program manager, Agile Scrum master, Change manager and Business process improvement manager.

Contact me

+39 329 075 63 93 (Italia)

+41 798 100 134 (Svizzera)

My Coaching Blog

The 12 phases of burnout
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The 12 Stages of Burnout. Self-awareness is key. How bad is your burnout? Tell someone “I’m sick” or “I’m tired” and you’re not really giving the person much information. How sick? How tired? Do you have a mild cold or a dreaded disease? Are you a new parent who hasn’t slept in months or did…

58% of Employees in Technological Giants Suffer From Impostor Syndrome – International Journal of Behavioral Sciences
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58% of Employees in Technological Giants Suffer From Impostor Syndrome – International Journal of Behavioral Sciences The International Journal of Behavioral Sciences published a report which said that nearly 70% of individuals despite their gender, age and work role will suffer from Impostor Syndrome at least once in their career or lifetime. A recent research…

The 4 main Cognitive Biases That Affect Your Leadership
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✳Cognitive bias affects us all.✳ No matter how rational or objective we believe ourselves to be, we make mistakes in reasoning, evaluating, recollection and other cognitive processes, usually as a result of holding onto our preferences and beliefs regardless of contrary information. Among primary biases I will, for now, focus on 4 of them that…

Do you really listen or think on how to reply?
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DO YOU REALLY LISTEN OR THINK ON HOW TO REPLY? Have you ever really listened in your life? ✳The moment I learned and experienced Active Listening I realized that I never really listened to ANYBODY in my entire life. Active listening is an essential skill for many reasons. Firstly, a person who is really listened…

Do you also think ROWG?
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Do you also think ROWG? Why is ROWG not as effective as GROW? To better understand the power of GROW I find it useful to look at other models that work worse. The natural tendency of our mind is to think in ROWG mode. First, we look and think of the reality, issues, problems. Then…

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ARE YOU AWARE OF YOUR INNER GAME? I love Tim Gallway’s Inner Game theory and already posted about his book. I find it so true and easy to apply to everyday life and work.What is it exactly? the Inner Game is that competition between Self 1 and Self 2.SELF 1 is analytical, cautious, aware of…

Have you ever heard of the GROW model?
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HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF THE GROW MODEL? Well…it literally changed my life. First published by John Whitmore in 1992 in the first edition of his book “Coaching for Performance”, it became soon one of the most utilized method for goal setting and problem solving. It then bacame Extensively used in Coaching and in leadership…

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Have you ever said «I am like this, what can I do about it!» Well, the big news is that you can do A LOT about it! What is unconscious or subconscious is not under our control. Conversely, it controls us. The majority of our #emotions, state of mind and reactions to the external world are…

The common mistake
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Do you know what the common mistake is? Thinking that the problems have an external cause. Gallway teches us that the interferences are mostly internal. The same learning comes from neuroscience. If you learn how to look inside yourself, you will solve the majority of the problems that you perceive as external. In the end,…

150 150 luca pulito #coaching #leadership #mindset #culture #leadership A MUST READ BOOK that can literally change your way of thinking and will introduce you to a Coaching culture is The Inner Game of Tennis. By reading the title you’d think it’s about tennis, but it only touches it. It talks more about the inner game of “everything”. First, it breaks down the…

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