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ARE YOU AWARE OF YOUR INNER GAME? I love Tim Gallway’s Inner Game theory and already posted about his book. I find it so true and easy to apply to everyday life and work.
What is it exactly? the Inner Game is that competition between Self 1 and Self 2.
SELF 1 is analytical, cautious, aware of your failings, and critical of every tiny error. It contains your fears and frustrations, and likes to point out every weakness. It acts to restrain your freedoms.
SELF 2 is intuitive and optimistic, keen to try anything, and happy to take things as they come. In children, Self 2 has a loud voice but, by the time we become adults, it is too often drowned out by the louder Self 1.
My suggestion is to start listening to your SELF 2! As adults we listen to it less and less. Listen to your inner child. HE KNOWS MUCH MORE THAN YOU THINK! Luca Pulito
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