Do you also think ROWG?

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Do you also think ROWG? Why is ROWG not as effective as GROW? To better understand the power of GROW I find it useful to look at other models that work worse. The natural tendency of our mind is to think in ROWG mode. First, we look and think of the reality, issues, problems. Then we enumerate a number of obstacles that are not permitting us to reach a Goal, which in fact we still do not know. Let’s say to reach something better than the current situation. After that, we decide what we are going to do by overcoming the Obstacles we have just listed. In this way though, we have not really generated a real Goal. We have just selected the less bad option to improve something. Our mind is obfuscated by the current Obstacles and our creativity is killed. While in the GROW model we start by setting goals and objectives without any contaminations from the current reality. Obstacles in ROWG become Options in GROW. Our CREATIVITY is safeguarded!

The GROW was first published by Sir John Whitmore in Coaching for Performance. ROWG is my own invention but I believe it defines a common mindset.

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  • Davide Paterlini

    Many thanks to Luca for inventing this appropriate and easy to remember anagram of the powerful coaching framework GROW.

    I’ve found it very useful in order to help to remember how to move to a more effective strategical approach, either for professional and everyday life challenges.

    My take away, in a new motto: “Be creative: help yourself increasing productivity and personal satisfaction just moving four capital letters!”

    Hope you like it!


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