Have you ever heard of the GROW model?

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HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF THE GROW MODEL? Well…it literally changed my life. First published by John Whitmore in 1992 in the first edition of his book “Coaching for Performance”, it became soon one of the most utilized method for goal setting and problem solving. It then bacame Extensively used in Coaching and in leadership in general. I will make several posts on this method but I would like to start with the (G), goal settings. Why are goals set before analyzing reality (R)? The sequence is not random at all. If we start thinking about reality usually we hinder our goals. As a result we think of limiting beliefs and limiting conditions which will make our Goals too close to the current reality and too little ambitious. We will kill our creativity and will use too much our rational part of our brain instead of the creative one. To summarize, when you start a conversation to set goals, DO NOT START BY DESCRIBING REALITY. START WITH GOAL SETTINGS. Let your imagination and creativity do the work without thinking of limitations. They will come at due time to filter and select your options.


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